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Subject: ad n yo drimz
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pretyp 2.03.10 - 08:39am
wat u drim 2do wit dem if they appear n yo drim *

hoberg 12.01.11 - 08:51am
I wud freak out n wake up but stil stay in drimland *

slyromeo 7.12.11 - 07:50am
Dreams are an extension of ur thot patterns.Da only problem is yu cnt control wat happens in dreams. *

deon5 12.02.12 - 05:20pm
Drimz are gud bt wit my admire i wudnt want 2 b disturbed. *

deon5 11.03.12 - 02:17pm
The activities of da day determines wht u wil do with them. *

franku 28.05.12 - 11:18am
Dreamz can become truth one day. *

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